SaintSaviour, formerly of Groove Armada @ Bryn Derwen Studio (Chartburst HQ)…

SaintSaviour, formerly of Groove Armada @ Bryn Derwen Studio (Chartburst HQ)…

Chartburst Unsigned Track Focus: Dujat

Taken from the current dance chart, Cipher by Dujat (an artist who we have featured previously) is a somewhat abstract piece of electronica that combines intricate layers of metallic melody with contrasting texture and smatterings of synth bass, whilst the fragmented percussion adds a certain dynamism to proceedings. 

Wonderfully delicate yet warm throughout, Dujat’s use of traditional experimental sounds with modern electronic techniques shows a refreshing creativity that brings to mind the early work of the ever outstanding Fourtet. 

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Chartburst Unsigned Track Focus: Dujat
Artist: Dujat
Track: ColiderWolf

ColiderWolf is a subversive piece of Electronica from Dujat. Warped organ melody provides the narrative backed by an amalgamation of glitchy texture and intricate layers of ambient sound, whilst the subtle yet commanding kick adds a certain structure to proceedings. 

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Chartburst Unsigned Track Focus - Priit A

Artist: Priit A
Track: Escape

Taken from one of the recent Dance charts, ‘Escape’ comes courtesy of Estonian producer Priit Aavik, who has featured on the Chartburst blog in the past. Layers of celestial synth, subtle vocal, and blissful piano melody are juxtaposed with the warm bassline, whilst the  percussion is delicate yet dynamic. 

Beautifully ambient, with a melancholic edge, ‘Escape’ is an emotive piece of drum n bass, which perfectly encapsulates the feeling of yearning for something more.

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Chartburst Unsigned Track Focus: Charlie Leavy

Artist: Charlie Leavy
Track: The Way Life Is

'The Way Life Is' is a brilliantly moving piece created by the socially aware and intellectually charged teenager Charlie Leavy.

Treading the boards laid down by the likes of Ed Sheeran, Charlie showcases her raw thoughts on life - of how actions lead to consequence and how socially we focus on our own small worlds instead of the bigger picture”…If you wake up every day and you’ve already closed your mind…stop pretending everything is fine” words that echo true to many both young and old.

I love Charlie’s clever pop at both the media and her peers in the line ”…We should care about the things people need instead of who’s best dressed and having sex” subjects that are usually hot topics among friends and teen magazines. If ever teenagers were in need of a jolt to get them thinking about life, they need only to listen to the lyrics of this talented up and coming female.

'The Way Life Is' shows Charlie's excellent writing ability in addition to her voice and guitar skills - which are impressively self taught.

With this much talent just waiting to be unleashed onto the world Charlie Leavy is certainly one to keep your eye on.

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Review courtesy of Jessica @ Musicvein
Chartburst Unsigned Track Focus: Miro Gee & Jacob Crichlow

Artist: Miro Gee & Jacob Crichlow
Track: Green Light

A standout track from the current pop chart; ‘Green Light’ is the product of a collaboration between Bulgarian producer Miro Gee and young London singer/songwriter Jacob Crichlow. The result is a compelling piece of soulful pop-electronica, which blends layers of textured synths with Jacob’s emotive vocals to create depth and atmosphere, whilst the powerful percussion has an almost industrial quality.

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